10/12/17 Instructs Notes

Dodgers at Reds – Goodyear, AZ – Reds Complex directly south of Goodyear Park

Hunter Greene (RHP) Cincinnati Reds – Watching Hunter Greene was an experience. The fastball ranged from 97-101 with some heavy sink. It’s pretty unfair to be honest. Maybe this is due to the fact that I am new at scouting, but I was blown away by Greene’s athleticism. He would vary the speed of his delivery and at times it was lightning fast. He would work quickly, and he aggressively controlled the tempo. At times, Greene lost control when working inside and hit a couple of batters. He could play with the fastball and make it sink to both sides of the plate. It is a potential 70 or 80 offering. The slider was mid 80s with bite. Only a couple of changeups were thrown, and they were in the 89-90 range. In isolation they were not special, but they should play up due to the superlative fastball. As a side note, I heard rumors that Hunter Greene has been granted special privileges by the Reds, such as traveling separately from the team. If true, this strikes me as a terrible idea as it promotes a sense of entitlement.

Jose Adames (RHP) – When Greene came out, I expected to be somewhat let down by the next pitcher. Instead, Jose Adames was unexpectedly fun. The stuff made an impression on me, and he came out dealing. First batter: FB98. FB99. CB85. Goodbye. The next couple of batters were less smooth. His mechanics were not too consistent, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of his delivery, but you can’t knock the stuff. I think the ceiling is high-leverage reliever, not bad for a guy the Reds selected in the 2016 AAA Rule 5 Draft (http://m.mlb.com/news/article/210663962/reds-select-3-players-in-rule-5-draft/).


Author: Jason Pennini

A Baseball Blogger who takes a holistic approach to analyzing the game.

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